Helping to Transform How Society Treats Animals

Guiding Values

Animals should experience a life of respect and free from unnecessary suffering.

Major Areas of Focus

Farm Animal Welfare, Plant Based Diet, Humane Education


General Grant Program

250 grants to 125 organizations – focus on early stage projects/organizations where potential impact is greatest.

Student Internship and Legal Fellowship Program

Cultivating future leadership in the movement, we distributed 32 student internship grants for innovative individual projects and 3 multi-year fellowship grants to post-graduate students and attorneys working in nonprofits and academia.

Direct Projects With a Management Role

  • (HEART) Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers – Providing leadership in developing, teaching and distributing humane education programs to students and teachers across the country.
  • Coalition for Healthy School Food – Advocating for and introducing plant-based foods and nutrition education in schools.

Facilitating Academic Programs at Universities and Law Schools

AWT is proud to have helped launch the following programs:

  • Animal Studies Initiative at New York University
  • NYU Center for Environmental and Animal Protection (CEAP)
  • Harvard Law School Animal Law and Policy Program
  • Yale Law School Law, Ethics & Animals Program (LEAP)
  • Lewis and Clark Center for Animal Law Studies Animal Law Clinic
  • Vermont Law School Animal Law Program

Research and Advocacy Support for Grassroots Campaigns

Campaigns such as our first such effort opposing plans for a massive new industrial pig operation on the Rosebud Indian Reservation (now shut down).

Our work would not have been possible without the expertise and dedication of our board. Also in great appreciation of our small but dedicated and skillful staff over these years.

With admiration and gratitude to our many grantees who have dedicated their lives to creating a better world for animals.

Parting words

I hope we have helped move the needle towards a fairer society for animals.

If so, even if ever so slightly, it was all worth the effort!.


Brad Goldberg

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